Defining Your Style with a Style Board

by Kena Paranjape on May 25, 2010

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Charlotte Ronson Inspiration Board

Charlotte Ronson Inspiration Board

Style or inspiration boards are used as a tool by designers as they plan a new collection for a line.  They include inspirational images, fabric swatches and photographs of inspiring people.  All of these images together create a mood, or a feeling that the designer then uses as a guide while working on a future collection.

Why not create style boards for your own life? Cultivating and creating your own sense of style takes a little bit of work. Why does knowing and defining your style aesthetic matter?  It matters because developing your own sense of style results in being surrounded by things that are beautiful to you and pleasing to your eye.  This in turn makes life itself more full and beautiful.  If you discover you love colour but always wear black, you will never feel comfortable or happy in your clothes.  If your home is filled with contemporary objects but you really crave the story behind antiques, you won't feel at home when you walk through the front door.

Great style may seem effortless but it is not! Style mavens are usually obsessed with style and  therefore study and absorb it and surround themselves with it every day.  If style and design are not your passion but you find yourself craving a home that suits you better or a wardrobe that is a better representation of you, then a styleboard is a great place to start. (Note: You could also start a file or binder, but a board is the best option as you can see how all your favourite images relate to each other)

Here are some tips for creating a style board:

1.  Flip through magazines and tear out any pages or images that appeal to you for any reason.  Don't question why, just know that you like it and rip'er out.  If it is just a door knob or a pair of shoes that appeal to you, cut that specific image out.

2. Review all the tearsheets in front of you for common elements.  You may find that you're attracted to clean lines and lots of white.  Or in fashion, you prefer structured dresses and blazers.  You are learning something already!

3.  Pin these images up on two separate boards.  Add new images to the boards as you go along.

5.  When it comes time to shop for yourself or your home, refer back to your board.  When I look at my style board I know that I like ethnic inspired prints, utility and safari shapes, jewel toned colours and preppy stripes and blazers.  I know never to buy graphic black and white prints or overly structured or conservative dresses.  These elements combine to form my style (for now).   When shopping for your home, your style board will remind you not to make purchases just because of great deal, but because you truly love something.

My current style board

My current style board

Before you decide you don't have a sense of style, spend a little time exploring what you like through a style board.  You're more stylish than you think!

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Laura Kim Connell 05.25.10 at 7:00 pm

I love inspiration (style) boards. Often you look back on them a few months later and it's all "come true"!

Kena Paranjape 05.26.10 at 10:00 am

So true. Inspiration boards can definitely go beyond just your home or closet!

imparali 12.19.11 at 1:44 am

inspiration boards work a great deal , besides boards a small diary is also good to write about everything you wanna wear.

Elizabeth 04.30.13 at 1:51 am

I totally love this. I facilitate a vision board workshops and never actually thought of this. Thanks a million.

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