Feeling Low? Stay away from Facebook!

by Kena Paranjape on November 7, 2011

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Connect with a friend instead!

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In March the American Academy of Pediatrics issued a warning about children and social media sites.  The study suggested that teens and children who spend a great deal of time on sites like Facebook can begin to show signs of depression.  There was a lot of debate around this study after it was released with many thinking that it was a lot BS.  While I think that it is far fetched and simplistic to say that too much facebook time can result in clinical depression, I do think there is validity to the idea that too much time spent on social media sites can feed negative moods.  Have you ever logged into facebook while feeling low?  Did your feelings improve or worsen?  I think this phenomena relates back to the idea of comparing your "insides" to someone else's "outsides".  We celebrate good times openly with one and all but tend to retreat when sad.

Facebook is for people who are happy in that moment in time.  People don't post that they can't pay their mortgage, or that their parents are getting divorced or someone in their family is ill.  Facebook posts are about vacations and new babies and family gatherings and nights out on the town.  Next time you are feeling low, try this: stay away from facebook.  It may not make you feel better, but you will likely avoid feeling worse.  Better yet, connect with a friends for a heart to heart instead.  That will lift you up!

Check out this great article on facebook envy.

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